Chairman's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Sabah Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO).

Established in 1971, SEDCO’s main objective is to help promote the State’s economic development through the implementation of our various commercial projects. Currently, we are actively involved in manufacturing, property development, trading and services. At the same time, in the socio-economic sector we also play a leading role in uplifting the economic status of the Bumiputera (the indigenous group). 

Please spend some time to browse through the pages to find out more about us. Among others our website features our corporate profile, group activities, news/events, entrepreneur programs, and some useful directories and links. Whether you are a businessman, new entrepreneur, researcher, academician, student, or a general visitor looking for knowledge, we hope that information provided here would be helpful and valuable for your purpose.

This website is our channel to reach out in an interactive manner to our customers, stakeholders, potential business partners and the public in general.

There will be continuous upgrading and updating to this website to ensure it remains informative and relevant. Hence we look forward for your feedback or inquiry with regards to our activities as well as comment and suggestion to improve the contents and presentation of this website. Thank you again for your interest in us and happy surfing.

Dato Sri Hj Nasir Tun Hj Sakaran
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